[LMB] AKICOT:L getting files off an old computer

Andrew Barton andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Tue Sep 20 17:02:29 BST 2011

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 09:54:42AM -0600, Howard Brazee wrote:
> > They work.   But getting ahold of a network card and a cat-5 cable is
almost as
> easy.

Fred Smith responded: 
> very easy. I have a half-dozen 10/100 Mbps PCI network cards lying around
> unused. available to any one who needs one for the cost of shipping.
> Question is, does that machine have PCI slots? I used to have an even
larger pile of
> ISA slot 10Mbps cards (mostly 3com 3C509B-TPO cards) but they went to
> earlier this year.

It's a VESA bus system.  I decided when I bought this machine not to go for the then new and, I heard, somewhat buggy PCI standard.  This turned out to be a mistake as I later had no upgrade path.

Ed Burkhead:
> Just where do you guys think you're going to find Ethernet card drivers for a 1993 Windows 3.1 machine and operating system? <

They existed in those days, I installed Ethernet connections for my group's PCs around 1990.  Whether I could get then now may be a different question.

> I'd put my effort into the hard drive as that standard has been the most stable, I think.  The suggestions in other messages have been good ones. <

My thanks for all suggestions, not just those quoted above.


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