[LMB] Why we still need paper books

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Literacy is something even the upper classes couldn't do in most of history, 
Charlemagned learned to read as an adult, was never all that facile reading, 
and was never really literate as regarding being able to -write- fluently...

"Wealth" is a relative term--no one, no matter how rich, could have fresh 
seasonal out-of-season fruit in the ancient world, there was no air travel 
and none of the sorts of refrigeration that exist today to support having 
fresh fruit out of season of the locality one lives in.  On the other hand, 
no amount of money can provide someone with a live view of dim stars in the 
sky looked at by one's eyeballs in New York City, LA, Boston, Chicago, etc., 
an ordinary site to almost anyone in the ancient world....

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Carol Gray-Ricci, using Bert's computer again.

Having been very impressed by the original blog, and the comments on both it 
and this list, when I went to see Bert, (who is currently in a care center 
to get over a very severe infection in his artificial knee) we discussed 
this topic.  I commented that I had always thought of us as middle-middle 
class, but this topic made me realize how rich we are.  We have a desktop 
computer, and I'll have a wireless laptop if we can ever get it going, and a 
Kindle each.  We buy books we want when they come out in hardbound, and 
often get them as e-books as well.  Then when the mass market edition comes 
out, we buy that for Bert to carry with him in his (small) backpack when he 
has archived them on his Kindle.  Also, the Kindle is much easier (and 
cheaper) than searching "used and rare" bookstores for out of print books. 
We are rich, indeed.

Bert commented that many people say the middle class is disappearing, and 
I'm beginning to think they are right.

    Carol A. Gray-Ricci

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