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I have actually found a house plan that I like, without having to
essentially redesign the whole blasted thing ... suited more or less for the
Fresno CA area.


It is a bit fabulous 50s, but is very wheelchairable [ I would switch sides
in the master suite, and move the sink to where the little vanity is under
the window so it gives me room for the chair so I can transfer to the
toilet] though we would need to work with the architect to add some sort of
pergola/overhang around the whole thing to shelter the windows, and a
pergola around the pool for shade, and an outdoor kitchen [well actually a
recreation of a Mennonite hearth from Winston Salem area]

I was thinking that the IKEA sort of scandanavian stripped down modern would
be a great look for the place. We would change the hobby space into a prep
kitchen and just do the actual cooking in the tiny central kitchen. No
carpets, all bamboo flooring throughout, and a tile roof and cement walls
instead of stick built. Not that Kerman has forest fire issues, we just like
the look and durability of the style.

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> On Sep 19, 2011, at 10:18 AM, quietann wrote:
> > The best houses for weather like that are thick-walled adobes, but few
> > exist anymore.
> Double or triple-paned windows, with insulating layers between them, are
> very good for insulation. I'm told straw-bale houses are very like adobe
> houses for insulation. A good roof with good insulation helps reduce energy
> costs--allegedly foam roofs are good for that. If the fire danger and the
> water situation in your area permits, having deciduous trees shading the
> house are cooling in summer, and when bare in winter, permit more solar
> energy to reach the house. Many trees, once established need occasional deep
> watering only.
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