[LMB] handedness, was More attitudes to women in society

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Wed Sep 21 06:15:44 BST 2011

> Though I'm right handed, I computer-mouse left handed so I can keep my 
> right
> hand free for hand writing notes.  All you lefties have it easy as most
> computers you encounter are set up for YOU - right (off) hand on the mouse
> and your left hand free for hand writing.  Enjoy!
> <Please excuse semi-facetious take on this issue.>

I moused righthanded until my shoulder went out on me.  I had to learn to 
mouse lefthanded (even though I am lefthanded -- it's amazing how many 
things I didn't realize I did righthanded till my shoulder went out on me). 
Now, several years post-surgery, while I can mouse righthanded if I 
absolutely have to, it's much more difficult for me now.  Not sure why that 


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