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On Sep 20, 2011, at 2:29 PM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> b) There are on the other hand software engineers who grew up hunting deer, moose, squirrels, sand other mammals for meat, I knew some of them....

My husband hunted deer in Pennsylvania with a crossbow, like many of the men in his father's family. Haven't heard him speak of hunting other animals. Yes, they ate what they killed, and only killed what they would eat. I think my MiL's family hunted smaller animals for food--she was born in the Depression.

Her first and second husbands both fished: her first went freshwater fishing at Canadian lakes every year, kindly "allowing" her to prepare and cook everything they ate (don't ask about laundry) in a primitive setting with no assistance. She'd rather have stayed home.
Her second, my late FiL, was a charter boat captain who usually did dayfishing out in the Gulf of Mexico. He was bringing her fish before they started dating, because her boarder was a friend of his. Part of the marriage vows included the presentation of fresh fish every night after any expeditions.

I love my MiL, but she likes soft wimpy fish, and likes sauces founded on mayonnaise. I like my fish raw (sushi/sashimi), broiled, seared, grilled, baked--seasoned instead of covered in sauce. Sauce on the side, different story. She claims salmon isn't really fish, and Kurt, who eats lox daily, doesn't care for cooked salmon. Sigh.

I seem to be the only person in this household who likes meat with bones (except for trout, thank you) still attached: I don't get broiled chicken as often as I'd like, unless it's from El Pollo Loco (which I adore).

> I was a "spontaneous reader" who picked up reading

I have a brain still reasonably suited to learning language relatively easily--although there's more vocabulary than grammar these days. I could almost recite the Mass in Latin by Vatican II.

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