[LMB] why we still need paper books

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed Sep 21 14:22:14 BST 2011

I was referring to getting around the DRM, without having to directly crack 
the DRM etc.  My point wasn;t how much effort is involved, but the that DRM 
IS get-aroundable...  again, people have taken entire print books and 
scanned every page of them, that was how art books by Michael Whelan 
illegally wound up on AOL, and when AOL refused to take them down (this was 
long before that abomination of DMCA reads like a contract written to make 
Baron Ryoval happy.... the settlement was large enough that it included a 
gag order on Whelan saying how much AOL paid for copyright infringement and 
damages....).  My point is that the DRM mostly harms honest end users, the 
sticky-fingered and copyright violators, will find ways around it, and the 
most egregious offenders are e.g. Chinese factories making products, which 
have contracts to make e.g.  2,000,000 units of something, and make 
4,000,000 -- 2,000,000 delivered per contract to the distribution channels 
specified by the contract, and the other 2,000,000 to distributions which 
are NOT authorized in the contract....   DMCA does NOTHING against such 
manufacturers, particularly not ones offshore from the USA.  And the hapless 
buyers who get the "legal" copy have no idea that it's not an authorized 
one, because the item is exactly the same, the difference is that it was one 
of the unauthorized 2,000,000 units produced, and the distributor which sold 
the shipment of items to the retailer, was not authorized for distributing 
that shipment....

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> Take the Sony, put it on a scanner, or take a digital image, and take a 
> picture
> of each page.  Use optical character recognition/reading, if you;re picky
> (otherwise keep the images as images...).  Save the file... you now have 
> the
> book electronically in a non-DRM form....

there are a lot easier ways.


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