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Interesting to hear of someone who was born blond, and hair turned dark.  I was born with black hair, so long the nurses gave me a fingerwave when my mother took me home, but when I was about six months old, it fell out and came back very light blond. (I have the pictures to prove it.)  Personally, I envy the people with dark hair, they usually turn a beautful silver gray as they age.  I am just sort of a yellow gray at 77, and don't expect it to get much lighter.  Silver shampoos are a blessing for people like me, they keep our hair from looking dirty.

    Carol Gray-Ricci

Unfortunately due to radical changes in life a couple of times I have lost all my photos prior til 10 years ago so dont have any evidence myself.  But there is a photo taken of myself and my sister when I was about 10 and she was about 8 and we are a pair of honey blonds.  It got darker and darker until my late teens where it fixed on being ash blonde (indistinguishable from mousey brown)  She was the same

My Dad has black hair and green eyes, my mother dark brown hair (looks black) and hazel eyes.  The strangest thing is that when my hair was blond my eyes were blue and then changed with my hair - they were hazelly all through highschool and have settled on a green with hazel around the pupil.

Also my mother was lefthanded, but everyone else was right :)

Oooh I remembered my primary school has some photos online - http://www.oldfriends.co.nz/InstitutionPhotoView.aspx?id=60292

I am Row 3 - fourth from the right 

And a few years later  http://www.oldfriends.co.nz/InstitutionPhotoView.aspx?id=60158  - second from right on front row - still blond but a bit darker


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