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At 10:47 AM 9/20/2011, Harimad wrote:
>T> On Sun, 9/18/11, Tel <teldreaming at gmail.com> wrote:
>T> The Barrayaran government in general seems pretty close to static in 
>T> composition. Post-Aral, Gregor, seems willing to defer to whatever 
>T> candidate for PM they collectively come up with.
>I noticed that, too.  Frex, in ACC when Miles talks about an unusual
opportunity to shift power in the CoC with two radical possible changes of
Counts in the Council.  Miles made it sounds as if once a Count is allied to
party that he's with that party for ever.  It's led to a lot of pondering
about conservatism, and change, and what happens inside parties and how
quickly it happens.  Which, inevitably, makes me reach for info on the
post-War Japanese Diet.

Winston Churchill was first elected to Parliament in 1900, as a
Conservative, but crossed the floor to the liberal side in 1904.  He
remained a Liberal but lost his election in 1922 or so, and was out of
Parliament until winning a by-election as an independent in 1923, then
formally rejoined the Conservative party in 1924.

NEW from JRJ> Isn't it that Miles thinks that he understands this system of
government so well, and is so well placed in it, that he can make it work?
Using his Grandfather's charts, frex.  It would be a crying shame to throw
it all over and go looking for some untried system, however philosophically
admirable a new one might be.  Er, the hand you've been dealt, doncha know.

He'd do a Winnie in a flash if he needed to change parties, but he doesn't.
I have a mental image of him playing the Council of Counts like Dracula at
that organ keyboard.

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