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A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
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On Sep 21, 2011, at 8:44 AM, Meg Justus wrote:
> Actually, it was a bad case of calcific tendonitis.  They had to remove a chunk of drywall-like substance about the size of a shooter marble from my shoulder.

In the case of my foot, I had Achilles tendonitis caused by the growing bone spur in my heel. I never thought to ask for the part they took out! Silly me. I think our situations were similar, but your calcification was in a joint, which is a whole 'nother ball game.

> I suspect that the causal effects were as much my former devotion to driving a stick shift as mousing righthanded.

I miss driving stick. At least when I visited Greater and Lesser Britains, I didn't have to ask for a (rare) automatic. I didn't seem to have the usual American issue in driving on the left with the car in a different configuration. I had no problems driving in France, on the right, just after, either. THAT car came with a manual choke, which the English car had not, but I vaguely remembered my father using one in the Citroën he owned and went on my merry way.

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