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On Sep 22, 2011, at 3:24 AM, John Hallam wrote:
>  However, I noticed to my surprise a year or so back that the foot
> controls are always in the same order, irrespective of the handedness
> of the vehicle: for stick shifts, they go clutch, brake, accelerator
> from left to right.  Interesting...  Is it really harder to learn
> mirrored foot skills in the separate contexts than mirrored hand
> skills?

Thats a question I never considered. Obviously, I've been taking far too much for granted without thinking of the background of ordinary things.

> (On the other hand, I think I drove my US hire automatic
> left-footed a couple of years back...)

Now why didn't I think of that while I wasn't to use my right foot, after its surgery? I could have been out&about rather earlier...well, maybe.

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