[LMB] OT: sort-of -- Internet/computer access for the poor

Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 22 11:53:16 BST 2011

From: Ed Burkhead <ed at edburkhead.com>

> "Thanks to a new program dubbed Internet Essentials, unveiled in partnership
> between Comcast and the Federal Communications Commission, these same
> students will be provided with low-cost Internet service and computers along
> with digital literacy training."

I think you missed the bit in McGuire's article where she directly addressed that solution - which was the bit where she flat out said that if this equipment has any resale value at all, it *WILL* be taken from the children by parents or stolen by neighbours and sold, either to pay for food or bills or for a junkie's next hit.  Ergo, it is no solution at all and will in fact contribute to the problem.

'Interesting' is not the word.  The one you're looking for is 'frustrating'.  


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