[LMB] A military question

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Thu Sep 22 12:23:27 BST 2011

--- On Mon, 9/5/11, Tony Zbaraschuk <tonyz at eskimo.com> wrote:

> While the Allied deception effort before D-Day was immense and
> multifaceted (fake airfields and landing craft, deceptive radio
> transmissions, etc.), the most important part of it was probably
> the double agents in England feeding false information to the
> Nazis.

The double agents were useful, but most military intelligence people will disagree with the level of importance you've attributed to them.  Military intelligence generally considers their own observations (and those of friendly forces) to be more reliable than information from "traitors & turncoats".  

If instead of turning all the German agents (note to those who haven't read about the subject: every single spy that the Germans attempted to infiltrate into the UK during WWII was caught & turned into a double agent & only fed the Germans information that the Brits wanted them to pass), they had killed or imprisoned all of them, German military intelligence would still have found the physical and electronic deception efforts extremely credible, especially since they played into what the German leadership wanted to believe.  

While the effort was a fantastic example of counterintelligence deception, the double agents the Brits were running were, at best, additional confirmation of what the Germans already (thought they) knew to be fact.



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