[LMB] why we still need paper books

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> Living a mile from your neighbors has costs...
> It's surpisingly hard to find costs per mile of
> lines.  Best I can find
> is $1-6 million for power lines, and maybe as low as
> $40,000 per mile
> for rural fiber.

The $1-6 million for power lines must be the costs per mile for high voltage transmission lines, rather than 'last mile' costs.  The cooperative that's putting power into my brother's house charges customers cost (i.e. no profit markup), and the cost for about 1/5 of a mile was less than $20K.  A good length of his power lines were along a level road, but they also had to clear a right-of-way and head up a fairly steep slope for about a quarter of the distance.  So my guess would be that (absent right-of-way costs, which vary from 0 to a whole lot) cost per mile would be between $50 & 100 thousand (with the possibility for substantial upward variation in really extreme terrain).



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