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Okay, I talked to our engineers and they basically said that there is no
"average" cost per mile when it came to fiber - it's all location dependent.
Might also depend on how much fiber you're planting as well.

One of them did mention that $40k a mile was low - we've got a 25,000 foot
project that is costing about $350,000  - and pretty much all of our
construction right now is rural. That's about $74,000 per mile.

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> > Living a mile from your neighbors has costs...
> >
> > It's surpisingly hard to find costs per mile of
> > lines.  Best I can find
> > is $1-6 million for power lines, and maybe as low as
> > $40,000 per mile
> > for rural fiber.
> The $1-6 million for power lines must be the costs per mile for high
> voltage transmission lines, rather than 'last mile' costs.  The cooperative
> that's putting power into my brother's house charges customers cost (i.e. no
> profit markup), and the cost for about 1/5 of a mile was less than $20K.  A
> good length of his power lines were along a level road, but they also had to
> clear a right-of-way and head up a fairly steep slope for about a quarter of
> the distance.  So my guess would be that (absent right-of-way costs, which
> vary from 0 to a whole lot) cost per mile would be between $50 & 100
> thousand (with the possibility for substantial upward variation in really
> extreme terrain).
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