[LMB] OT: sort-of -- Internet/computer access for the poor

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Thu Sep 22 19:11:19 BST 2011

At 12:56 AM 9/23/2011, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>If entry level ed-type devices get so ubiquitous and inexpensive 
>that they are NOT worth stealing, people likely won't steal 
>them.   Or if they're ugly, except that situations of stealing to 
>make someone's life miserably is NOT about the object, it;s about 
>making the person -miserable-.   There's nothing stopping them from 
>stealing schoolbooks, for example, except that it doesn't occur to 
>most bullies to do that. ...
>If there were a school-grade device given to all students--and 
>"cost" is less of a problem there than people might think, consider 
>what printed textbooks costs.... a One World PC type device is less 
>than the cost of three inexpensive-for-textbooks textbooks, these 
>days.... --and ALL students had them, it wouldn;t be long before the 
>things did NOT have much worth as objects to steal sell for cash.... 
>--if the supply is not less than the demand and the items are in 
>ample supply, and inexpensive, and people don't have a need/use for 
>more than one, the items tend to not be attractive objects to steal....

This has already happened with things like DVD players: now you can 
get a new one at the Supermarket for $40, they are not worth the 
effort to take even after they have broken in. To visible for the 
dollar or two they might fetch.


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