[LMB] rural power/phone/cable lines

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> So, still pretty expensive if you're a mile away from your nearest
> neighbor.  Affordable, but in the same way that a house is, and possibly
> more expensive than a rural house... and not something you'd pay back
> over even 30 years even at $100/month.
> I've never been on-grid at the ranch here.  It would have been $16K to run
power to my house, and even after rebuilding a little closer to the road
after the fire, I like being my own power provider most of the time.  I live
fairly frugally, so the thought of having to plunk down $16k AND have an
electric bill was just not my cup of tea.  I have less than $16k in my
entire alternative energy system and it provides enough power that most
visitors would never know we are off-grid.

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