[LMB] OT: Re: Handedness (and a lot about knitting)

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 15:49:16 BST 2011

Harimad said: "In theory Continental should be more efficient because
the yarn and needles both move less.  In practice there doesn't seem
to be a difference for an experienced knitter."

Really? Maybe I'm just really bad English style, but I can't imagine
how it could be as fast as Continental. Even if I were really good at
English, I'd still have to lift my index finger.

Lots of lefties here. It might interest you to know that while nearly
all of righties have language lateralized in the left hemisphere of
their brains, lefties are more likely than righties to employ both
hemispheres for language processing. What effects might that have? Who
knows. But I think it's neat. I can barely do anything with my left

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