[LMB] OT: Re: Handedness and birth hair color

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Fri Sep 23 16:31:04 BST 2011

Kevin wrote:
 > My right eye also needs more correction with my glasses, and 
> I'm right handed. I wonder if a dominant left 
> eye/righthandedness contributed to my poor hand/eye 
> coordination for things like badminton ping pong, tennis, 
> etc. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to be unathletic. 
> I can swim and ride a bike. I need to get my bike out, someday.

I have the same issues - couldn't see the ball well for tennis,
softball, etc.  And I 
swim and ride a bike too!  (or used to.)  Interestingly in my teens I
played a lot of
field hockey where I seemed to follow the ball much better.


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