[LMB] OT: Innate orientation, was HANDEDNESS

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at mac.com
Fri Sep 23 21:06:15 BST 2011

At 1:35 PM -0600 9/23/11, Howard Brazee wrote:
>On Sep 23, 2011, at 4:14 AM, Katrina Allis wrote:
>>  My surefire way of telling my left from right is to go back to piano
>>  lessons.  Bass was left hand, treble right.  I had a lot of trouble telling
>  > my left from right until then.
>In the Denver area, mountains are west.

Unlike Marina, I'm not not one with a compass in my head, or a very 
good (non-compass) sense of direction, either.  However, I do 
experience cognitive dissonance when on the (US) west coast--I'm an 
easterner by birth and have lived in an eastern State most of my 
life.  My brain feels that sunrise should be over the ocean, not 

The "mountains are to the west" in Denver doesn't bother me, even 
though in Georgia the mountains are north.  Either I'm in Denver 
enough that the old brain has accepted this, or maybe my early 
imprinting of "where are the mountains" wasn't as strong as "where is 
the sea".


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