[LMB] OT: Micro Lois Con in Calgary

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 23 22:43:29 BST 2011

I reckon it was too small to classify as a Mini-Lois-Con, so we'll call it a
Micro-Lois-Con.  I just spent a delightful morning with listee Elizabeth
Carabine and her husband Ian, who are visiting Calgary this week.  It's the
first time I've actually met another listee, so I was pretty excited!  They
came bearing an offering of absolutely delicious Aran cheese plus other
Scottish delicacies.  Elizabeth, now you've started something - Rachael's
decided the 'tablet' is her new culinary passion - she says thank you for
introducing her to it.

I took them down for a stroll in our local 'wilderness park' in the hope of
showing them some local wildlife, but the only reasonably exciting thing to
pop up was an osprey (not uncommon around here).  Then we got back to my
house to find a jackrabbit right at the side of the driveway.  On the whole
though, I think the wildest bit of life we saw was Chloe the kitten, who is
currently trying to imitate the squirrels by shooting up a large spruce tree
in our yard.  We're trying to discourage this, so it results in frequent
groundings, at which point she becomes really wild.......

I hope they enjoyed our micro-con as much as I did, and maybe one of these
days I'll get up the courage to attend an actual con somewhere - they've
whetted my appetite.


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