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Sat Sep 24 02:27:29 BST 2011

On Sep 23, 2011, at 9:49 AM, Rachel wrote:

> Harimad said: "In theory Continental should be more efficient because
> the yarn and needles both move less.  In practice there doesn't seem
> to be a difference for an experienced knitter."
> Really? Maybe I'm just really bad English style, but I can't imagine
> how it could be as fast as Continental. Even if I were really good at
> English, I'd still have to lift my index finger.

Some of the fastest knitters in the world were English production knitters.  They used a knitting belt to stabilize the right needle, and thus needed only use their right hand to wrap the yarn around the right needle tip.  Lots of "English" style knitters today use very inefficient motions, using their whole hand to wrap.  When I knit English I wrap by moving only my index finger, which is a quick motion.  My usual knitting style is Continental.  I can purl standard Continental and also the easy way, which seats the stitches reversed, and then on the next row knit through the back/leading edge, creating untwisted stitches, and also Norwegian, which also seats the stitches reversed.  Exactly which technique I use depends on the project.  Lots of time I knit Continental and then do the reverse row purling English, especially if I'm doing lace and don't want to deal with stitches seated backwards.  I find purling English to be VERY fast.

I am right handed, left eyed, and right legged.  It drove my husband nuts when he  was teaching me to shoot.
> Lots of lefties here. It might interest you to know that while nearly
> all of righties have language lateralized in the left hemisphere of
> their brains, lefties are more likely than righties to employ both
> hemispheres for language processing. What effects might that have? Who
> knows.

I think that women in general tend to have language less lateralized than men (as any gender generalization, statistical not an absolute for a given individual). 

Janet in TN

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