[LMB] OT: language writing direction (was HANDEDNESS)

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On Sep 23, 2011, at 6:09 AM, Harimad wrote:
> Both countries historically insisted on right-handed writing with brushes, which makes vertical text the logical choice.

Certainly. If a righthander is doing "wet" Western calligraphy/fancy writing with a pen, going L->R makes a lot of sense. If you're lefthanded, it makes more sense to go R->L, if only in terms of not smearing wet ink. However, in most countries where Arabic writing is standard, being lefthanded is not an easy thing, due to cultural prejudices/preconceptions. When I see a lefthander from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, from any of the Arabic-speaking countries, I usually ask what their experience in childhood had been once it was obvious they were left-handed. 

Given the perceived primary usage for that hand, reaching into a mutual snack bowl is "unclean". In my teens, we visited a Pakistani merchant vessel, and our hosts were visibly disturbed at my reaching for food with my left-hand. As it was, I stopped eating shortly thereafter when I spotted a beetle or two in the dish.  Which was more unclean, especially given that I don't use my left for bathroom purposed AND that I was my hands thoroughly after using the toilet.

One day when we were still living in Santa Cruz, and I was waiting for the summer day camp to finish, I fell to talking with an Indian or Sri Lankan man about his childhood as a lefty. He laughed, and said he was considered retarded, but that he had done very well in college (ITT?), and went on to make more money than any of his siblings.

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