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Sat Sep 24 14:04:27 BST 2011

The Tixie enters stage left, alone.  Her faithful companion and  the 
annoying volunteer have both declined to come out in the heavy rain,  lightning, 
and thunder which have been sitting over North Carolina for nearly a  week 
now.  She is carrying her bag of Tixie Dust, and her wings  are dripping and 
soggy in spite of the large umbrella she is  holding.
"Elizabeth, we of the list wish you a very happy 59th birthday.  Our  
wishes for you include, among other things, lovely presents, the company of your  
favorite relatives and friends to take part in your celebration, your 
favorite  foods and beverages, and the best birthday cake imaginable."
The Tixie shakes some Tixie Dust out of its bag, waves her wand, and sends  
it sparkling off in the direction of Elizabeth Holden.

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