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Sat Sep 24 15:18:17 BST 2011

Ed Burkhead <ed at edburkhead.com> wrote:

> Guitars?  "Right handed?"
> It seems to me that it's the LEFT hand that requires the greater dexterity
> with guitars, violins, etc.
> Why would a sane person want to string it backward and use their less-good
> hand for the difficult stuff?
I maintain (and I think my husband has come to agree, to a certain extent)
that one of the reasons he is such a skilled melodic finger-style guitarist
is because he is left-handed, but his guitar is set in the standard way
(i.e., for a right-hander)  In that style, the guitar is used for melody
rather than rhythm, and so the changes in fingering on the neck are key.
One of my favorite comments he ever made was after viewing a video of
himself performing a particularly tricky fast dance tune when he said, "That
sob is not working nearly as hard as *I *  was."

Sue in Columbus, writing proudly of her husband John Sherman

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