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On 9/24/2011 12:54 PM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
> On Sep 24, 2011, at 11:50 AM, Hilary Powers wrote:
>>> Hilary Powers:
>>>> When I was fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronism, it
>>>> was a delight to enter tournaments with one hand, and switch to
>>>> the other for the melees....
> In ancient of days, AS VI-AS14, I lived in Calafia, and now West.
> Were you an Atenveldter? I know I heard of a woman fighter named
> Hilary at that time, and I've been wondered if you were she.

Hilary of Serendip; I joined in 10 and started fighting in mid-14, so 
it's possible - I don't recall another Hilary in arms. Central West all 
the way; knighted in 18 and continued to fight into the early-mid 30's. 
(I never formally hung it up, but it's probably four or five years since 
I buckled into the armor, and two since I made it to an event - though 
my membership is still good.)

The most notable Atenveldt female fighter of the early days is Sir Trude 
Lacklandia - trained in the West by the same crew I was working with, 
but moved before I started fighting.

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