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Sun Sep 25 00:06:06 BST 2011

> I moved to Albuquerque when I was 13 and lived in the north valley. The
> mountains, especially Sandia crest (you can see the crest at night from
> anywhere in town {then} due to the lights on the radio and TV towers), are
> definitely east.
> Shortly after I started driving, I became terribly lost one night because at
> Juan Tabo and Central the crest is north.
> If you are going to use mountains as a directional reference it helps if
> they are a little farther away.
> ---------------------------------
> William A Wenrich

Ok, suddenly I'm curious....  I moved to the north valley of
Albuquerque when I was 13, too....  Mountains to the east were my
usual reference point, though indeed one could get in trouble with
that one.  I was there in the 78-82 time frame.  When were you there?
(As in, did we overlap?)  Mind you, I was very north valley in

Karen Hunt

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