[LMB] OT: Saudi Arabia more democratic than Barrayar

RICHARD G. MOLPUS rgmolpus at flash.net
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>From textual evidence, Barrayar was initially a single political unit  when the 
planet was initially colonized, but broke apart into regions  and 
'principalities'  at the beginning of the time of isolation. I've  suspected 
that several different colonization projects worked together  to send people to 
the planet - which is why there's such a mix of  old-earth nationalities, but 
the individual projects worked inside a  common legal and political framework.

Dorca Vorbarra unified the independent regions into one coherent body,  forming 
the Barrayaran Empire; that seems to have been recent - perhaps  within the 
memory of Ezar or Piotr.

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Question for the author or for discussion -

How long has Barrayar been anything you could call a nation, rather than a 
collection of 60 petty principalities?


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