[LMB] Cryoburn MMP - Has your copy arrived yet ? Mine is here in NZ.

Martin Bonham martin at bonham.net.nz
Sun Sep 25 21:38:50 BST 2011

Obviously the MMP isn't as exciting as the Hardcover, especially a hardcover 
like last years with a CD, so there is less of the jumping up and down 
excitement, but even with the publishing changing, the mmp is still I think 
important to Lois's financial well-being, so I thought I might start a thread 
where people can report its arrival or just sightings. 

Mine is here. 
Ten to nine, on Monday Morning the 26th, (NZ Daylight Savings time +13), 
and a courier is unexpectedly at the door with my paperback copy of Cryoburn. 
Pre-ordered from Fishpond.co.nz a local online retailer. 

I am very pleased to receive it early, without any shipping delay. 
I note that the Publication month is October, and that officially on the S&S 
website the "on sale" date is the 27th of September, so this is nominally one 
or two days early (depending on how one accounts for time difference). 
I know that books ship to retailers a couple of weeks before that and that in 
the absence of a "Strict lay-down date" they can sell them immediately, but it 
is still nice to get dead tree editions early, and without an extra time lag of 
weeks of shipping. 
Of course eBooks don't have any shipping delay either (grin). 

RRP of NZ$25 (about US$20) which would be normal for a mmp in bricks and mortal 
bookstores. Which of course is why I mostly buy eBooks. 

At fishpond I paid $16.18 back in August. I note it is currently marked down to 
$13.71 (both with free shipping - normally another $6 or so). 
No idea how physical stores can survive when the competition sells it that 

It is about to go on display on the book shelf unopened, except to notice the 
excerpts from _A Beautiful Friendship_ and _Wolf among the Stars_, both of 
which I have of course read some time ago as eARCs. 


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