[LMB] OT: Free Will

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 04:01:56 BST 2011

OLD from JRJ> I'm getting a little lost in the fog on this, but looks like
you've put your finger on the flaw in the reasoning.  In fact, that puts
science back in the game, since what else is science but know-how, verified,
selected, and preserved?  So to talk about free will as if it were
nonphysical, either as an act of neuron or an act of consciousness, is to
leave out its role in Real Life Cause and Effect.

But maybe I'm not just a little lost in the fog, but a lot.  Not ashamed to
admit it.  Jumping off from Rachael's conclusion.

So guess it's time to trail my cloak by asking, "Well, what about it?  You
can't have free will without action, and action interacts with Real Life
stuff.  Now what?  What am I missing?"

I'm bcc-ing to my correspondent to protect privacy.  Bad enough me looking
like a fool, and nobody else needs to.

I'm not sure I'm following you.

Can't have free will without action, but you could certainly have
action without free will.

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