[LMB] Never thought I'd see THIS coming out of CERN

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 26 21:36:58 BST 2011

Bear Master wrote:
> I agree, we have a potential flying elephant here, I'm not criticizing it
> for having a low air speed! I'm just amazed that the instruments are
> sensitive enough to detect something that small. But if I understand what
> you quoted above the limits on the insturments are about 12% of this? (I
> think that's what "? 0.30 (sys.)" means.)
> If neutrinos are superluminal, even 0.0028 percent superluminal, even three
> parts in a hundred thousand superliminal, It's a whole new world!

I was very surprised when I learned that the Mossbauer effect
works based on Doppler-shifting a gamma-ray source by a
matter of about 1 cm/s.  The absorption band is *that*


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