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Or you can make it from scratch--well, from cans of condensed milk anyway (the concept of taking condensed milk and adding sugar is a bit mind-boggling, but it really does work). There are recipes on the web: http://www.scruss.com/tablet.html (with photos of each stage), for instance, or http://britishfood.about.com/od/scottishregionalrecipes/r/tablet.htm . We've made it; the crucial thing seems to be to keep beating the mixture vigorously after you take it off the heat, before pouring it into the baking tray. It is very delicious.



that requires work! 

Jill (Lettuce)
who used to cook all the time

I had never heard of Tablet before this, but it sounds and looks very like the fudge I make - where you beat it hard (and yes its HARD WORK) until the shine just begins to come off it and then pour into the tray VERY FAST as it sets pretty instantly

Its hard crunchy firm fudge -  not smooth and soft and squisy - the only difference is consistency - less beating gives the soft squishy texture.  I dont like it which is why I make my version.  Tho I dont use condensed milk in my recipe

1/2 C milk 
2 C sugar 
25 g butter 
1 T cocoa 
Vanilla essence to taste 

 all except vanilla in a pot and bring to boil stirring occasionally, 
till at soft ball stage.  Cool 5 mins, add vanilla and beat till thick. 
 Pour into buttered dish, mark, and cut when set. 


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