[LMB] OT: Handedness

Eileen McConnell phoenixargent at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 22:29:14 BST 2011

Roberta wrote:
>>i am right handed, but once i figured out my left eye was dominate and
>>switched to shooting (rifle or bow) left handed, i was actually pretty
>>at marksmanship.

I wish that would work for me!  If I could train my left eye to be dominant
instead, I would!  Unfortunately, I don't think astigmatism can be trained
away, so unless there's some way to compensate for the nearsightedness of my
left eye, I'm stuck with the cross-dominance (and suspected lack of

It's currently minor enough that I don't wear glasses, but that's probably
partly due to the right-eye dominance -- the right eye is leading the way
and compensating for the left.  Glasses might be necessary if I were using
only my left eye.

(Secretly, I'm waiting for the day I need glasses -- always thought they
would look good on me!  File that under "You Know You're A Geek When...")

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