[LMB] FIC: The Peaceful Vorkosiverse AU by John Lennard

Zeev Tarantov zeev.tarantov at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 22:42:52 BST 2011

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu wrote:
> Here's the link to the index post of John's long fic in that world: http://bracketyjack.livejournal.com/9482.html

There appear to be more tail parts:

I thought the series suffered from numerous problems as a story: It
violates a number of "rules" about writing good fiction. Obvious
things the author absolutely must have known and done on purpose.

The fixer-Sue driven no-conflict wish-fulfillment didn't really have a
Vorkosigan (or Bujold) feel to it. Characters and settings went OOC.
I think A Civil Campaign is as happy a Happy Ending as you could
possibly have without ruining a story.
I think this thing wanted to be fluff, but it gave me diabetes.


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