[LMB] OT: dominant eye and astigmatism

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Sep 27 22:53:49 BST 2011

Eileen wrote:
I wish that would work for me!  If I could train my left eye to be dominant
instead, I would!  Unfortunately, I don't think astigmatism can be trained
away, so unless there's some way to compensate for the nearsightedness of my
left eye, I'm stuck with the cross-dominance (and suspected lack of

It's easy to eliminate astigmatism but there is some cost in terms of some
minor fuss factor.

I have significant astigmatism -- when I'm not wearing my hard contact
lenses.  Hard contact lenses correct completely for astigmatism.

My eye dominance has changed over the years/decades, back and forth,
depending on the fit and perfection of my contact lenses.

Sometimes dust or an eyelash gets under my contact and can be quite painful
until I clear it.  Not recommended for seriously dusty environments though
I've survived such be learning several tricks the hard way.

Shooting a rifle prone is a bit of a problem as I'm looking way UP and my
contacts tend to get pushed out of position somewhat by my upper eyelid.

And, playing racquetball, a very fast game depending heavily on depth
perception, I'm better off using prescription court safety glasses.  Though
my vision is fuzzier in this mode, the instant, flashing changes in eye
position sometimes cause a moment of one-contact-lens misplacement giving me
momentary loss of depth perception.

For archery, you could try the hard contact or the made-for-astigmatism soft
contact lenses.  [Note: my optometrist says my finicky perfectionism on my
vision (as one of the legion of former professional photographers) would
make me dissatisfied with the slight lessening of acuity I'd get with the
made-for-astigmatism soft contact lenses.]

46 year hard contact wearer

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