[LMB] OT: Handedness [Was: More attitudes to women in society]

Mitch Miller mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com
Tue Sep 27 23:05:30 BST 2011

From: Bear Master <bearmaster0 at gmail.com>


Getting into the middle of this, has anyone mentioned yet how lefthanders are overepresented in law enforcement?  Police, lawyers, criminals, all have more left-handers than the general population.

Gay men seem more likely than average to be left handed too.  But I don't recall that I have ever met a left handed Lesbian.

For the record, I'm a right-handed Gay male (who worked for the Sherriff's department for six months).

I also have noticed a surprising percentage of left-handed shooters among police officers, which I find very strange, not only because of the low level of left-handers in the population generally, but because virtually all (US) cops today carry semi-automatic pistols.  When I was in the service, they simply would not allow you to fire the pistol left-handed (although I am a left-handed rifle shooter) because the rounds eject to the right, and if you were firing left-handed the round could eject into your face.  As far as I know, this is still the case with the modern polymer pistols that most police carry today.

I can understand why lawyers would be disproportionately left-handed, as Jews are disproportionately represented in law and Jews are way over the general population in left-handedness.  I have no idea about the other groups, though.

Mitch Miller

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