[LMB] FIC: The Peaceful Vorkosiverse AU by me

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 00:10:18 BST 2011

Zeev: I think this thing wanted to be fluff, but it gave me diabetes.

John: ROTFLASTC. Entirely fair, Zeev, and memorably put. (And if it gave you
diabetes, you should see what it gave Tel! Hives would have been kinder.
<Salaam, Harshmeisterin.>) May I quote you as a blurb, please?

LJ user NewJerseyBadger said it was like eating raspberry torte, but also
that he liked raspberry torte, and could easily eat enough to make himself
mildly ill ; and quite a lot of people have enjoyed the AU in the same
spirit. One likes what one likes, but in fairness you might have noted that
the whole *is* prefaced by a clear statement that nothing happens, much is
said, that if you like angst and car chases you should go elsewhere, and
that my express inspiration was to reverse Lois's excellent rule-of-thumb
about when in doubt always having the worst happen. What on earth, or on
Barrayar, I wondered, would happen if at every single such juncture, the
best happened. Unstoppably. In Milesian droves. Well, now ... *fun*, for

I'd entirely agree from a literary and commercial viewpoint that being
largely without tension shouldn't work. What interested me enough to keep
going through more than 250k words and nine works was that it *did* appear
to work, and the comments at the LJ posting indicate that I'm not alone in
believing so. Beatrice Otter made an excellent comment about exactly that,
attached to the epilogue, at LJ, pointing out that *Forward Momentum* turns
entirely on the immense pain in-canon. From your self-diagnosis of diabetes,
I infer that you missed that in reading, but the whole thing is powered by
the godless, godawful messes of the Escobaran lunacy/assassination of
Serg/besmirching of Aral and of Jackson's Whole. Honest. All else is the
sound either of Miles stuffing spilt milk back into bottles, and finding it
all newly pasteurised, or of Ekaterin and Nikki being most diligently forced
to grow.

(Beatrice Otter's post, btw, is at
http://bracketyjack.livejournal.com/9326.html, about 11 posts down the
comments thread.)

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