[LMB] I never thought I'd see THIS come out of CERN

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
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Don't be so sure of that... NASA saved tapes, sort of, of satellite 
data--the storage conditions were non-optimal, tape -degrades-, the indexing 
and tracking of where the tapes were stored went straying, AND, the 
equipment the tapes were recorded on, was deacquistitioned/broke 
down/stopped being used and disappeared/all the people who know how to run 
it were either dead or gone from NASA or had long since forgotten.... the 
launch ignition sequence information for Saturn V launchers evaporated after 
the the last  Saturn V launch, even though there were still boosters (which 
eventually got turned into pigeon roosts outdoors at places like the space & 
rocket museum in Huntsville.

And that's how societies lose their technology, it doesn;t even need being a 
cut-off colonly such as Barrayar...
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On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 10:00:32AM -0500, Ed Burkhead wrote:
> Referring to neutrinos from supernova, are there any neutrino detectors 
> that
> have directional ability?

No.  But if we scale up the current 'finding', the neutrinos would have
been 4 years early, predating Kamiokande.  OTOH, two other detectors
were functioning, and I'm sure they have their data; perhaps someone is
looking right now for surprise early peaks.  Or maybe they'd already
known about strange peaks not associated with anything. 

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