[LMB] FIC: The Peaceful Vorkosiverse AU by me

Zeev Tarantov zeev.tarantov at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 01:56:54 BST 2011

John Lennard: May I quote you as a blurb, please?

You may, but I feel I must warn you: though I do not recall any
source, I doubt I am the originator of this expression.

After reading some of the comments on LJ, I feel acutely what LMB said
(paraphrased) about the story one reads coming 50% from the page and
50% from the reader's own mind.
If and when I re-read the story, I'll write a better review. All I
remember feeling when I finished was that I could guess why the
author, so knowledgeable and proficient, is an academic instead of a
I suspect I'm the guy who is watching a chick flick on a date and
missing all of the nuance.


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