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Jacki said:

> And you don't just wander around in bushland 
without taking the same basic anti-snake precautions you'd take anywhere
 else in the world.
> ...
> Same with going into the sea - don't tell me you guys don't take normal precautions about that.

From: Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>

> What are 'normal precautions'?  I live far form any ocean; I have no idea.

For land: 

Wear long pants, closed in shoes and socks (think walking sneakers and jeans), watch where you step and avoid snake and spider habitats (generally hollow logs, piles of dead leaves, shadowy corners etc), carry and use a long stick to probe dubious spots along the path (don't leave until you have a Gandalf staff or reasonable substitute).  Tell people where you're going and carry two litres of water and a satellite phone.  DO NOT poke the stick into areas off the path, the idea is to clear your way not empty out poisonous creatures onto the ground in front of you, many spiders jump.

For sea:
Check the jellyfish forecast BEFORE you go in the water, the lifeguards will know if there is an active infestation; swim at patrolled beaches between the flags (the trained lifeguards are monitoring that area and while they will save you if they spot you when you get in trouble outside the flags, the chances of them spotting you outside the flags are drastically lower); DO NOT prod anything in a rock pool (or if you do use a stick); leave the seaweed alone!;  ALWAYS wear shoes (old sneakers or swim shoes) when climbing on shoreline rocks; tell people where you're going; check the tidal charts and times and DON'T go anywhere near rocks at high tide; fish bite hard and their bites can be vicious so avoid the fingerling areas; if you can't swim well, forget your pride and invest in a set of Floaties.

See? These are just common sense.


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