[LMB] Weather, seasons, etc (was Typos)

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Wed Sep 28 14:18:28 BST 2011

I come from an outdoorsy family, and we live in Oregon.  There are no
poisonous snakes or spiders on land, nor anything dangerous like jellyfish
in the sea.  On land, you worry about people knowing where you are so they
can send out the search party if you get lost, and carrying enough
food/water.  At sea, you worry about sneaker waves and drowning.  That's
about it.  (Of course, having some of the most dangerous coastline and
tides in the US--we're where they send the coast guard to train--that
requires constant vigilance, but it's not about looking out for critters.)

Beatrice Otter

> On 28/07/2011, at 11:23 PM, Cheryl Howie wrote:
>> The thought of living with Australian wildlife freaks me out.  You
>> guys have all kinds of
>> deadly beasts, and half of them are small enough to fit into nooks
>> and crannies.  The
>> only thing that can kill me up here is a black bear, and they can't
>> hide in my shoes!!
>> It's all what you're familiar with I guess.
> Indeed.
> Even living in the 'bush capital' (as I do), you're more likely to get
> killed in a car crash than by just about anything else.
> Yes, redbacks (black widows) and trapdoors are nasty but unless you're
> very young, not fatal. And you don't just wander around in bushland
> without taking the same basic anti-snake precautions you'd take
> anywhere else in the world. Same with going into the sea - don't tell
> me you guys don't take normal precautions about that.

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