[LMB] Weather, seasons, etc (was Typos)

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 28 16:11:03 BST 2011

Jacki Knight wrote
> On 28/07/2011, at 11:23 PM, Cheryl Howie wrote:
> > The thought of living with Australian wildlife freaks me out.  You
> > guys have all kinds of
> > deadly beasts, and half of them are small enough to fit into nooks
> > and crannies.  The
> > only thing that can kill me up here is a black bear, and they can't
> > hide in my shoes!!
> >
> > It's all what you're familiar with I guess.
> Indeed.
> Even living in the 'bush capital' (as I do), you're more likely to get
> killed in a car crash than by just about anything else.
> Yes, redbacks (black widows) and trapdoors are nasty but unless you're
> very young, not fatal. And you don't just wander around in bushland
> without taking the same basic anti-snake precautions you'd take
> anywhere else in the world. Same with going into the sea - don't tell
> me you guys don't take normal precautions about that.
> Really, we're quite urbanised around the edges of the country - at
> least the high population areas, anyway.
> Jacki in Canberra - who lives quite near a zoo that does the whole
> animal close-up thing

Hmm - your reply does indeed reflect that it's all about what you're
familiar with.  'The same basic anti-snake precautions.....' - for me that
would be absolutely zero.  Having lived all my life in either Britain (yes,
they do have adders, but the things are so shy you'd have to go to some
serious effort to even see one.  In all my years of hiking in Britain I've
never actually seen an adder), Ireland (no snakes - St Patrick banished
them!) and Canada (I think there are some rattlers down near the US border,
but the only snakes locally are non-venomous and I've never actually seen
one).  And in my younger years I was very much an outdoor type, and did lots
of hiking.  Round here I'd take precautions against bears - but snakes?

Same in terms of the sea.  What would you regard as normal precautions?  In
the seas around Britain that might involve a wetsuit so you didn't get
hypothermia, and reef shoes so you don't cut your feet - and of course being
careful not to swim in conditions you can't cope with - but precautions
against wildlife?  Nope.


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