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I've gone hiking in many and various places around the state with family. 
(Primarily in Eastern Oregon, but elsewhere as well.)  Nowhere have we
ever had to take precautions for snakes.  I guess we have them, but it's
not something to be constantly aware of.

Beatrice Otter

> Beatrice,
> You seem to have missed that Oregon has a nicely active rattlesnake
> population (including, oddly enough, one hill between Stayton and Lyons on
> Hwy 22 as well as a hill outside of Eugene), and I'm pretty sure we've got
> brown recluse spiders around here somehere. The Willamette Valley and
> Coast
> do not comprise the whole of Oregon.
> http://www.great-oregon-vacations.com/rattlesnakes.html
> I definitely agree with you about the coastline - especially the Columbia
> River bar, home of the USCG National Motor Lifeboat School.
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:18 AM, <beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com>
> wrote:
>> I come from an outdoorsy family, and we live in Oregon.  There are no
>> poisonous snakes or spiders on land, nor anything dangerous like
>> jellyfish
>> in the sea.  On land, you worry about people knowing where you are so
>> they
>> can send out the search party if you get lost, and carrying enough
>> food/water.  At sea, you worry about sneaker waves and drowning.  That's
>> about it.  (Of course, having some of the most dangerous coastline and
>> tides in the US--we're where they send the coast guard to train--that
>> requires constant vigilance, but it's not about looking out for
>> critters.)
>> Beatrice Otter
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