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Thu Sep 29 03:22:15 BST 2011

--- On Mon, 9/26/11, Greg Hennessy <greg.hennessy at cox.net> wrote:

> Is there a reason you resurrected this argument after two
> weeks?

I didn't resurrect it, I continued it.  Or do you think it's dead because you thought you had the last word?  Also, it wasn't two weeks - two weeks is 14 days, not 11.  Finally, the reason I continued it when I did was that I initially read it, and flagged it to respond when I had time, after also waiting to see if anyone else cared to address it, since I didn't want to seem to be dogpiling on you.  I then responded when I had time.  I'm sorry if you felt that the discussion was stale.  I'll try to respond with more alacrity next time.

> If you are going to publicly accuse me I'm going to
> publicly defend my self.

By all means, publicly defend yourself.

> I reject your characterizations of my actions, 

This is not a defense - this is a denial.  A defense would offer some sort of refutation of the points I made.

> and I try to
> stay on the right side
> of the line not talking about USA politics.

But on at least one occasion (the one I originally quoted), if you tried, you failed.  In response to post that was about global warming, in which nothing specifically about the US was mentioned, you commented on a lot of things, and then in response to a bit about China, you said, essentially "Here's something about the president of the US & the US House of Representatives - but that's US politics, which is forbidden."

> When I think
> the line gets close I mention
> that I think the discussion gets close in an attempt to not
> having anyone cross over the
> line.

Or, you post in defense of Al Gore and two posts later say it's against list policy to complain about him (which, I'll again reiterate *isn't* against list policy, unless one is specifically complaining about his activities/opinions/politics during his political career - discussion of what he's been doing since then are *not* US politics).  That's not attempting to not have anyone cross over the line - that's crossing over the line yourself and then warning other people not to do what you just did.

> Is there any other two week old stuff you wish to bring up,
> or should we consider
> the subject closed and OT3?

Please note the 'Listbiz' in the subject line.  Discussions of the list itself (which people sometimes tag 'Listbiz' or 'List biz') are defined in the FAQ as being 'on topic' (see question 3 of On- and off-topic material at: <http://www.dendarii.com/bujold_lst.html> ).  Therefore, it is not subject to the 3 day limit on off topic material.  Note that I have removed the errant OT: marker as well as "Effects of Global Warming" from the subject line, since this message is neither OT, nor about global warming, but is still Listbiz about US politics.  For those of you who are just seeing this discussion now, because you are filtering out OT (is there really anybody who does that?), if you are curious about the antecedents to this message, sorry about the errant OT marker, and please refer to the September archive if you wish to read the whole discussion.



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