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On Sep 28, 2011, at 5:57 AM, Raye Johnsen wrote:
> For sea:
> Check the jellyfish forecast BEFORE you go in the water, the lifeguards will know if there is an active infestation; swim at patrolled beaches between the flags (the trained lifeguards are monitoring that area and while they will save you if they spot you when you get in trouble outside the flags, the chances of them spotting you outside the flags are drastically lower);

My mother got stung by a jellyfish, somewhere near her ear, while swimming off an Okinawa beach. She always said it was a Portuguese Man O'War, but I have my doubts. A jellyfish, for sure, though.

The one time we went to visit Kurt's parents in Destin FL in the summer (1995, a summer of illness & pain for Kurt), I was out wading about waist height, and I saw fist-sized white jellies all around me in the nice warm water. Mindful of what happened to my mother, I quickly exited the water.

Jellies are very nice behind aquarium glass. I'm not bloody likely to be swimming there.

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