[LMB] Weather, seasons, etc (was Typos)

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Thu Sep 29 08:35:58 BST 2011

At 02:25 PM 9/29/2011, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
>On Sep 28, 2011, at 1:09 PM, I wrote:
> > Now you know why the sting rays get so grumpy.
>Okay, I have to ask--what *does* a grumpy sting ray look/act like?

Ask Steve Irwin......  Sting rays are not really a big danger as long 
as you don't start hassling them. The "Crocodile Hunter" wasn't the 
sharpest stick in the box however.

While we may either play up or down play the dangers of the local 
Flora and Fauna, we lose an average of a little over 230 tourists 
every year to environmental hazards including the occasional 
backpacker who thinks that "going Walkabout" without training or 
equipment sounds "romantic". On the other hand, we have very little 
snow, less avalanches, and very few BIG mountains. On the other hand, 
probably the least dangerous creature is the Wombat: a marsupial so 
densely muscled that a two foot long one can break the front axle of 
an 18 wheel truck if they hit it. Once described as a Moose 
compressed into the size of a shoe box, they have been known to push 
over saplings rather than go around. Their claws are designed for 
digging however....


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