[LMB] OT: Wombats

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Thu Sep 29 19:29:46 BST 2011

Elizabeth McCoy wrote:
> I am mined of Digger (start at http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=3; the 
> webcomic is now finished, so there's only _so_ much time you can lose 
> to it...), who is an anthropomorphic wombat, who is... Well, not 
> indestructible, but rather tough and practical. (So, naturally, she 
> gets involved with gods, including (un)dead ones. Much to her disgust. 
> Wombats don't hold much truck with gods.)

Second the recommendation. Digger (the wombat) has something of a Betan 
sensibility to her - not in terms of science, but in practicality. One 
excellent bit involved a mountain pilgrimage in the company of a 
deranged acolyte named Murai:

Digger: You're taking your sandals, your robe, and a begging bowl? No 
food? No money? No /first aid kit/?
Murai: I am a servant of the god, honored Digger. The god will provide 
all that is needful.
Digger (paw on forehead): Yeah. Okay. See, I think what you're failing 
to grasp here is that your god /did/ provide, and what he provided was 
/me/. So you're gonna go corner whatever passes for a quartermaster in 
this joint, and you're gonna get a blanket, a first aid kit, and a 
couple of pounds of trail mix, got it? And a knife. And tinder and 
flint. And I suppose it's too much to ask that anybody's heard of 
/crampons/ around here....

Dead-tree editions of the first five (out of, I think, six) volumes are 
also available, at Amazon or at Sofawolf Press.

Jim Parish

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