[LMB] Weather, seasons, etc (was Typos)

Aruvqan Myers aruvqan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 04:56:57 BST 2011

RE: diverse precautions

Um, in New England and Eastern Canada there are rattlesnakes ... not only
have I killed them outside on the farm in CT, outside at the cottage in
western NY, avoided them while hiking and camping in a number of parks in
the area including the Adirondacks, Letchworth State Park, some nameless
little beach on Lake Champlain, I got nailed by a baby one in my blasted
bedroom while trying to grab the little sod to evict it back to the woods.
Fast little buggers when that young [literally about like a pencil in
diameter and twice as long]

Did I mention water snakes in all these areas also? And a pike can deliver
one hell of a bite, as can a catfish. Never fished for sturgeon, or salmon
but they also have quite a mouthful of teeth.

You just are not looking hard enough for little nasties. [though
rattlesnakes are tasty turned into nuggets and deep fried with buffalo wing
sauce as a dipping sauce]

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