[LMB] ANZAC Marching was Great Big Sea and Barrayar

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It depends on the local (or state RSL), in Sydney there is usually a large contingent marching from the American Legion. Mostly guys that fought in US services then retired here - although there have been visiting tour groups that have marched as a separate group. Guys that visited Sydney for R&R during the Vietnam war will quite often time their visits to coincide with ANZAC day.

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>> Hm, would they let a yank join? Rob comes equipped with his own uniforms and
>> medals but would be marching for my Da ...
> You'd have to check with the local RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) for the area you'd like to march in.  However, I believe that your Da would have had to have been seconded to, served with or a member of an Australian unit for you or Rob to march - the public don't march, it is for the Australian armed forces, the war veterans and their representatives only. Also, if Rob has his own alignment, the RSL would encourage you as the direct descendant, rather than him as the son-in-law, to participate as your Da's representative - being in a wheelchair is not considered a barrier, the march includes people in wheelchairs and many veterans 'march' in open cars (including my own eighty-something grandmother).
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