[LMB] Avoiding snakes (was: Weather, seasons, etc)

Cheryl Howie agentmtl at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 19:13:20 BST 2011

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 23:56:57 -0400 Aruvqan Myers <aruvqan at gmail.com>

> Um, in New England and Eastern Canada there are rattlesnakes ... 

Montreal != all of Eastern Canada, or CT, or even Southern ON, where they can indeed be found.  

> Did I mention water snakes in all these areas also? And a pike can deliver
> one hell of a bite, as can a catfish. Never fished for sturgeon, or salmon
> but they also have quite a mouthful of teeth.

I have been fishing and swimming in rivers and lakes around here since I was about 4; 
the first time I went camping I was 8 months old.  I think I've seen a water snake once, 
I've never been bitten by a fish, and I've never heard of anyone who has.  My grandfather 
often fished barbotte (catfish) and brought 'em home for dinner.  I do keep an eye out for
snapping turtles, since I'd rather not lose a toe.

> You just are not looking hard enough for little nasties. [though
> rattlesnakes are tasty turned into nuggets and deep fried with buffalo wing
> sauce as a dipping sauce]

I've just spent my lunch hour Googling to find poisonous snakes in Quebec.  What I found was this:

"There are no poisonous snakes in Québec.
The only poisonous snake in Ontario is the massasauga rattlesnake."


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