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> From: Harimad <harimad2001 at yahoo.com>
> HH> On Thu, 3/29/12, Heather Harper <harpingheather at gmail.com> wrote: 
> HH> I think she's weighing them differently.? I think it was
> HH> in "Mirror Dance" that I heard dialog or narration about
> HH> her having a few words with Kareen encouraging her to take
> HH> advantage of the full range of options available to her on
> HH> Beta.? I'm not sure how old Kareen actually was - was she
> HH> legally an adult on Barrayar by then or not? - but if she
> HH> wasn't, and she was my child and I'd heard Cordelia had had
> HH> that kind of talk with her, I'd be after Cordelia's head.?
> HH> Actively encouraging my (minor) child to behaviors or ways
> HH> of life that you know I? have raised them to avoid?? That's
> HH> wrong, period.? Even doing so to my young adult child would
> HH> make me reconsider whether or not you were as much my friend
> HH> as I thought you were.

I think Kareen went to Beta when she was about 18, which is old enough
for a girl to marry on Barrayar, so she'd be considered an adult.

> I disagree, strongly.  What if the parents preferred way of life included acceptance of slavery?  Or beating[1] one's children?  Or violent racism?  
> There are definitely situations where I would counsel a young'un against parental preference or outlook.  I would consider it my responsibility to that young'un.  
> In fact, I have done so.  I put at risk my relationship with relatives, because I thought it more important that their child be aware of things that might go against the relatives' beliefs.  I would do it again.

Cordelia definitely feels that young women on Barrayar need all the help
that Beta can give. And she's not hiding that opinion, so Kou and Drou
knew when they let Kareen go to Beta that certain things were possible.
And maybe Drou, at least, didn't really mind, considering her own problems
and frustrations as a young woman on Barrayar.

Of course, it's one thing to vaguely know that some things may be on the
horizon, and quite another to have to face and accept the results.


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